Prep4School -
Prep4School -

4 - 6 Year Old School Readiness Program

Is your child ready for school?

Prep4School is a great alternative to Pre-school and incorporates alphabet recognition and counting, experimentation with numbers and letters and learning sounds associated with letters. It develops fine motor skills to support letter and number formation and prepares children for Kindergarten/Prep.

Our Prep4School program offers:

2 hour individualised program
Structured environment
Reading, writing, language and early numeracy
Highly qualified Early Childhood Teachers
Designed for children in the year prior to commencing school
Maximum 4 to a group


Prepares children for the demands of their first year of school.
Provides a stimulating environment that is enjoyable and is significant to a smooth transition into school.
Incorporates our unique school readiness program.
Designed for children the year before they start school, especially those who turn five mid-year and require further stimulation in addition to pre-school.
Structured 2 hour individualised program with routine with specific focus on reading, writing, language and number.
Prep4School -

Prep4School is a unique opportunity to teach children to read and write when they are ready, not necessarily when they start school. All of our teachers are highly qualified Early Childhood Educators with many years of experience and have been selected for their extensive knowledge of teaching children in their first few years of school. They know how to nurture, develop and educate your child.

Prep4School is unique and exclusive to our Centres and will boost your child’s confidence, develop their independence, and create a ‘love of learning’.