NDIS & other support services


Since the commencement of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in July 2013, our teachers have been working with NDIS Clients, supporting both school students and adults. We are an unregistered provider, however,

At present we provide support for clients who are:

Under a Self-Managed Fund
Under a Plan-Managed Fund

If your NDIS plan includes tutoring, we have specialised teachers that work with us who aim to support NDIS clients in the following ways:

Provide quality lessons that are individual and tailor made
Boost confidence and improve skills with a hands-on approach
Work as a mentor during life stages such as School Life, University Life or transitioning into the workforce
Provide support and advice with scholastic endeavours
Provide advice and direction in improving skills for employment opportunities


In addition to NDIS Clients, we can also provide tutoring for anyone who is funded through any other program.