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Reading programs in primary school

All of our Centres offer an effective and results proven strategic reading program which integrates spelling, reading, writing, grammar and punctuation.

Our strategic reading method turns non-readers into readers. Through a highly structured teaching method, reading skills are addressed through explicit teaching and reading strategies. The strategic reading program is centred on the ‘Keys to Reading’ program which is exclusive to our Centres.

Keys to Reading

‘Keys to Reading’ is an enjoyable journey to unravelling the mysteries of the most basic elements of the English language.

Our Centres have developed this program with the aim to remove the misconception that the English language is difficult to learn due to its numerous exceptions of its rules.

The ‘Keys to Reading’ program allows the student to realise the inconsistencies and use the rules of the program to be able to deal with the exceptions, and spell words appropriately and confidently.

Advantages of the Keys to Reading program:

Focal points include sounds, rules, syllabification, patterns, and grammar.

Contained within the focal points are reading, writing, and comprehension activities.

A cornerstone of the program is “linking” i.e. reading to writing and writing to reading.

Linking is a powerful assistant to students and enables them to learn the strategies that will equip them with literacy skills from a basic to an advanced level.

The program “links” one step at a time, and builds on the previous points.

Revision continues throughout the program units.

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